Too many people out there feel as though our only purpose, as Human Beings, is to just “replicate and pass on genes.”

I disagree. Well, I agree, but not fully. I believe that may have stemmed from “Human Being’s purpose in life is to create.” Which I’ll explain later…

However, being that by the time a woman reaches 30 nearly all of her ovarian eggs are gone for good… This doesn’t make much sense to me. Unless women are just disposable by the age of 30, which we know isn’t true. Especially considering the Human Body is designed to live over 200 years.

So, rather than the full blown ’60s/’70s Hippie mindset, I believe that our purpose is mixture between that and a productive mindset.

Meaning, I believe we are here to adventure and explore (the oceans, skies, space…), continuously learn (about this world and those around us) and create… & when I say create, I don’t mean strictly human life. I mean various forms of Art (Music, Poetry, Photography, Videography, Paintings, etc), Innovative Ideas, Technology… things that will make an impact on the world in a positive light. Spread Love in various forms [not just sex].

There is a reason some say “Love is the essence of creation”… When Passion (or Love) is involved certain tasks can be accomplished with ease.. & speaking of love, there is a reason for Hate being in existence. Just as there is a reason for Duality.

Love/Hate, Light/Dark, Yin/Yang… Man & Woman.

Duality + Love… essence of human life.

A life that is meant for exploration, learning, and creating…

…a never ending cycle.

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three things to remember.. 

  1. you always have a chance, 
  2. you always have a choice, 
  3. ..& life is too short.